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Back At Yoshi’s !!! – Eddie and Roger return to perform in the lounge at Yoshi’s San Francisco…. Aug 2011

Blackbird – Live at Yoshi’s S.F.

They Can’t Take That – Live at Yoshi’s S.F.

Days of Wine and Roses – Live at Yoshi’s S.F.

Ice Skating in Central Park – Eddie Pasternak with Roger Glenn,Dave Mathews Live at Yoshi’s S.F.

Eddie W/ Kenny Washington and Marcos Silva at Horizon’s Restaurant, Sausalito

Eddie Pasternak Trio at Horizons - Sausalito

Along with Marcos Silva, Eddie not only a Bay Area Favorite Vocal virtuoso Kenny Washington.

Eddie is proud to present vocal virtuoso Kenny Washington & Marcos Silva at Horizon’s. Kenny is not only a Bay Area favorite but now does regular return visits to Jazz at Lncoln Center New York with ” heavy hitters […]

I Love You – Yoshi’s S.F. March 2010

I Love You – Eddie Pasternak with Roger Glenn, Dave Mathews LIVE at Yoshi’s San Francisco.

8th Annual Redwood Coast Whale & Jazz Festival April 2010


Whales & Jazz – Indeed !!! – The wailing was inside the Top of the Cliff Restaurant, Gualala as Eddie Pasternak & Roger Glenn packed them in for a Special Easter Adventure. Particularly delightful – Roger’s “Take Five” & “Lullaby of Birdland”, and Eddie’s beautiful chorded solo tribute to guitarist Herb Ellis on “Easter Parade.” […]

Eddie Pasternak at Yoshi’s


The Chronicle’s pick for the weekend in October 2009 heralded what became a 5 month stay for Eddie’s Trio at Yoshi’s San Francisco….. Andrew Gilbert wrote : ” While the club features an international roster of artists, the lounge showcases some of the region’s most eloquent improvisers – led by veteran guitarist Eddie Pasternak, […]

Eddie Pasternak Trio at Yoshi’s SF Lounge


From Sep. to March Yoshi’s S.F. Lounge featured the Eddie Pasternak Trio with Roger Glenn on vibes and winds plus guest pianists Marcos Silva, Dave Matthews, and Larry Dunlap every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. […]