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Eddie Pasternak Trio with Stan Getz!

Published Feb 8, 2010

Youtube video:

Eddie Pasternak, Scott Steed, and Mary Fettig are joined by special guest Stan Getz at a birthday party.

I think it was 1988— never realized the video was done until 2 yrs. back when a family member from the party mentioned a Beta-tape of the evening.. Stan had also signed a very nice note which unfortunately was lost in the Oakland Hill’s fire…As a corny little extra…I played for 4yrs with drummer Dave Black one of the best ever.. Dave sent me a birthday card which was signed : “If you can Stan Getz you can Stan me.”…I know — corny as heck but I’ve loved the line and used it ever since..

..the party was for Bob Brown—realtor in Los Gatos…two months earlier I had met Stan at a Hillsborough party where I was playing solo guitar..he came up from behind, as I was head down, looking at my tuner..he said “do you play requests?“..my head head still at the tuner i replied if i knew the tune i’d play it..he adamantly replied “WRONG ANSWER!!“..I looked up doing a double take and said “you’re not who i think you are are you?” then..with a look out of a Bela Lagossi movie he said “Iii AMm!“..ha, ha ..scared me..then proceeds to sit right in front of me during an entire dinner..at the end —most kindly, he said he wished he had his horn ‘cause he liked all the tunes i’d selected..it was all pretty intimidating for i had only played a very few solo gigs at that point…Eddie

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