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Guitar Lessons

Through Eddie Pasternak’s expert instruction students learn “systems” for chords, soloing, walking bass lines, chorded solos and music theory. You’ll learn how to quickly apply these “systems” in varied settings, from swinging standards to Jobim bossa/samba favorites.

A note from Eddie:

“You’ll be delighted to learn some great ideas for technique, rhythm and harmony passed on by some of the world’s leading guitarists. I spent many years with Warren Nunes and had the good fortune to spend time with Joe Pass, Tuck Andress and most recently John Stowell. On the Brasilian side Marcos Silva has passed on invaluable information of that wonderful genre.


“Eddie has a unique ability to convert complex jazz theory into ideas that an amateur can actually play – and most importantly, understand!”
– Danny Drabec, Owner, North American Power and Controls

“Eddie’s splendid teaching has allowed me to overcome something I’ve always had trouble with: how to create beautiful, well-thought out solos over complex jazz changes, and his explanations of technique as well as harmony are always clear, understandable, and above all, musical.”
– Christopher Lee, Head Chef, Chez Panisse Restaurant

“Eddie Pasternak has the ideal combination of skills to offer to a student of jazz, regardless of their level: a thorough knowledge of jazz theory, a keen sense of rhythm and intonation, an extensive song repertoire, patience and an infectious enthusiasm for music, and an effective approach to learning jazz guitar. But what really make Eddie special is his unique ability to teach his students how to quickly and easily apply jazz theory to their guitar strings and fretboards. In the business world, we call this excellence.”
– Joe Evinger, CFO, Bay Area Rapid Transit

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