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CD Cover of'A Dozen Roses Ago'

A Dozen Roses Ago
Joel Evans and Eddie Pasternak

Dinner jazz, midnight sounds, mood music for the blues, guitarist extaordinaire Eddie Pasternak and flute master Joel Evans weave instrumental magic together with both the certainty and closeness of musicians who have been playing together their entire adult lives, which they have.
– Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

Song List

  1. It’s You or No One
  2. Slow hot wind
  3. Polkadots & Moonbeams
  4. Strollin’
  5. Skylark
  6. Once in a While
  7. Isn’t it romantic
  8. Cheek to cheek
  9. Aparecida/zingaro
  10. Here’s that rainy day
  11. It Could Happen to You
  12. A Dozen Roses Ago

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